KYLIE COSMETICS KyShadow Palette First Impression Review + Easy Brown Smoky Eye Tutorial

“Yeah I can’t do it now hey guys I’m Roxette Arisa you like that in true today we have a very exciting video because I did sort of like a first impression review and tutorial on this makeup look using the brand new kylie jenner kylie cosmetics eyeshadow bronze palette this was just released and I know they’re coming out with two new shades but this was like her first I channel release what I can’t talk now but this was her first eyeshadow release which I was really excited about because I mean she’s never come out with I chose before and the formula was brand new I to get right on it so this is what the inside of the pad looks like you get nine shades and there’s a really beautiful selection of colors in the palette but I’ll get into that more later in the video to keep it short and sweet i feel like this is just a warm shadow lover stream the palette itself just is composed of such beautiful warm shades i live for the warm so you know i’m all about that what i did just quickly want to show you guys some swatches before we get in because you will die at the pigmentation this is actually one of my favorite shade yes hello this is the shade hematite believe such a beautiful shade and this is like the main shape that i use for my lids today but oh it is gorgeous it’s just so buttery smooth it has a beautiful red undertone it is the perfect warm brown I’m in love with it already this is the darker shade or right next to it hello yes yeah this is the shade courts and its really beautiful as well that’s the shade and this orange in the middle is just giving me life because it is beautiful look at that shade it’s right here yes please you’ll see how you use it in the tutorial but that’s just like a little itty-bitty swatch best for you guys so that you can see how this watch on my hands now we’re going to get into the tutorial but before I get into it don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and join the fam today you will not regret it i do upload twice a week every single week wednesdays and sundays I’m sorry for my swatches this is like raw first impressions let’s go so as you can see I have my entire face down except for the eyes because obviously i left that to you with this bad boy there are predominantly Matt there’s only two shimmers and you get a kind of creamy shade cream retreated and then a stark black so we don’t put these to the test I kind of feel like doing a really warm tone smokey eye which this palette is perfect for the palace itself way is a pretty compact and light which will be nice for traveling it doesn’t have any sort of like glass part that you’re scared of breaking its cardboard and seems pretty durable so first thing I’m going to do is go on with my sigma e35 with this beautiful orange shade is just culminated this is the shade citrine the train we’re going to go with citrine I’m gonna take that on my sigma e35 a blending brush and start blending into the crease I really like this pigmentation yeah i know a lot of people would be scared to use like a bright orange as a transition shade but actually it’s so beautiful especially if you are going for like a warm smoky eye or just a warm I in general orange shades work beautifully in the crease the good job Kylie by the way I already prime my eyes before I started i forgot to mention that but I just riding with my normal primer soft ochre my mac and set it down with like my normal setting powder very nice pigmentation they blend out easily we’re off to a good start there next I’m going to go in with this shade over here which i believe is called Tigers I don’t quote me it may be called at goldstone but I feel like it’s called tiger’s eye I’m like a five-year-old I can’t even like read just blending that into the crease to further define it yeah okay girl really loving that little combo of transitional shade I like how she includes a few different ones because you know your girl’s gotta blend it out okay i’m getting a little bit of powder fall out on the palette itself but honestly it doesn’t really bother me that much if I’m getting good pigmentation and i’m not actually getting fought on my area because i did like you guys know I did do my full face of makeup already which I don’t normally do but i thought hey it’s a good chance to see if there is any fallout for these eyeshadows and and I’ll just have it done for the whole video you know what I mean so far so good the shadow seemed really really nice to blend out they seem smooth and buttery next I’m going to go in with this super warm Brown has a bit of a reddish undertone which is perfection so this is I believe it’s called the shade hematite I’m kind of confused by the packaging because i don’t know if it’s telling you like rah rah from floor lamp sure or if you’re supposed to look at it and be like I’m about what i mean so I don’t really know if I’m saying the right shade but let’s hope so so I believe this is called hematite yeah I’m getting a lot of powder fall on the palate not in my house this is like the perfect fall color those really warm tone Browns that have a bit of a reddish undertone I live for this fall so and very happy to see that in the palette i’m getting so much follow on the palate but like i said i’m not actually getting on my eyes which I’m happy about but that is something to note that you get a lot of up inside the palette itself i feel like i should use some of the shimmer shape but just feel on the mats right now these map formulas are so nice i really really like the formula of them they blend out nicely they are very pigmented buttery I like the color selection in the palette feel like this is just gonna be go to for fall I’m going to take this shade which is called bronze is this really nice chocolaty Brown and seriously like so obsessed with the shades and themselves because these are kind of like the neutrals that you need if you are a warm neutrals lover like I am so loving that I’m just going to go in and deepen up the crease on the outer corner with this the shadows just blend out so easily together which is really nice you don’t get any patchiness or anything I do want to use at least one of the shimmers just to you know show you guys what they look like this is the shade eight quarts I just dropped my gosh this one right here in the middle and i’m going to go ahead and use that you that’s actually really pretty it’s kind of like a sheer shimmer i would say it’s not going to look like a foiled shimmer with super pigmentation but really pretty so that’s kind of what it looks like I’m gonna take this on my morphe e36 and just put that into the inner corners for a little inner corner highlight I really like that actually feeling that then with this beautiful cream shade ok this looks really similar to like something like Anasazi block which I use every single day of my life so I love that she included that in the palette along with all the other you know beautiful transition shades and beautiful shimmers and mats and of course a black I think that this pilot kinda has all while still being compact which is really nice it’s so pigmented I’ve led a little too much and gave myself like a white eyebrow patch sir I need to be rain and ruin that I’m just gonna take this random brush I literally had no idea where this even came from really really like that shade for the brow bone highlight because actually prefer matt brown highlights be honest for me I don’t know why they just seem to work the best for me and I always liked the way they look so i really like that top lid is done we’re going to move on to the bottom lid now and for that i really just want to keep it simple I think I’m just gonna take a mixture of these two shades right here that we use on the upper lash and smoke out the bottom lash a little bit about a little bit of fall out there that was the first time and to be honest yes normally I would not have you know put on all my face makeup before doing my eyes but for the purpose of this video had to be done I just add on some washes off camera and there’s one last step that is a game changer like I always do this so it’ll be nice to test out and this black art here because I’m gonna set down like I guess what would you call exciting down your lashes covering the glue I don’t know I always go over like the top of the lashes right where i have just put them on so kind of to cover up that glue and then I also go underneath the lashes too kind of tight line and it just makes everything blend together a lot smoother and it hides the fact that you a lot of glue on your eyes because your false snapshot from knows my favorite black shadow actually rope I really liked the Milani shadow it was just in a little pan and it was a single shadow pitch block beautiful formula and it broke the other day and i looked online to find a replacement because i was going to order it I went to several stores and I feel like they just don’t make that anymore i think when they came out with like the eyeshadow palettes and stuff they stopped making their signal shadows which is a shame because I should really like their formula but I was been on for like a good black shadow because mine broke so this is the look that I created using be a brand new class shadow palette i really do like how it turned out it’s just a very simple who armed bronzy smokey eye I think it’s really easy to achieve but at the same time it looks like you put a lot of effort into it and first impression on his palate I do really really like it you guys like I know it’s horrendous to get a hold of its really difficult but if you can I do highly recommend it I think the price point is ok I’m i know this runs what was it about 40 see something dollars 45 or so but you also have to pay for shipping so it is on the price your side but if you want to splurge a little bit I do highly recommend this palette I think the showers themselves have a very nice buttery quality which I love and you guys know that I live for the butter I just dug my finger into the black if you like warm shadows you’re honestly going to love this palette and I live for warm so i think i’m going to get a lot of you saw his palate because it does come with a lot of essential shades I love that it’s so compact and very travel friendly because I could definitely see this being a nice palette to travel with because it does have all those things but usually what i have to do is I have to bring a pot and then bring a perfect black which was my milani one but it just broke so I do love the actual che drained i think she did an amazing job on the actual colors in here and yeah I think that’s kind of it for this first impressions I hope you guys enjoyed because i was so excited when this came in the mail like I could not wait to try it but I had to restrain myself and be like no ailment put on care I really did want to give you guys you know an honest first impression review and just tell you my thoughts and palate but really don’t have a bad thing to say about it is that bad i mean i’m just telling you guys the truth but i really don’t have any negatives but I see with the pellet so far except for the fact that there was a bit of powder fall out just in the palette I honestly didn’t get much on the eyes I think maybe once when I was doing the lower lash line but other than that there wasn’t much fought when I was actually applying the shadows it was just in the actual palette there was like a little bit of powder dispersement so that doesn’t really bother me to be honest I can work around that but something to note because that’s the only bad thing I have to say if you like this video give it a thumbs up so I know when you do like that i do first impressions that was such a weird sentence but you get the gist if you like when I do first impressions give it a thumbs up so that and know that i also don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already joined the family on the rock stars trap remember you are beautiful inside and out i love you guys and i’ll see you in my next video oh hello y’all I want to redo this huh what i have going back”