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“[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, guys. It’s Bailey, from Brooklyn and Bailey. And today I’m going to be showing you how I do my daily makeup routine. But before I say anything else, I just have to tell you how weird it is to film without my sidekick. [RECORD SCRATCHING] Actually, I don’t know if you– is sidekick a bad word? Because that kind of means I’m the hero. And that’s not my intent. [CRICKETS] I’ll just say I’m missing my other half. And it feels really weird. Oh, by the way, guys– Brooklyn had surgery on her wrist and she got two cysts removed. So right now she’s a little bit drugged and kind of really sad all the time. And I feel really bad for her. Kind of a flashback to the wisdom teeth video. Wow. A distraction. Back to the video.

Today I’m going to be showing you how I do my daily makeup routine. Because a long time ago when I was 13, all I ever wore was mascara and lip gloss. But because I’m becoming a little bit older, and so is Brooklyn, we wear a little bit more makeup. So I’m going to show you how I do that today. As you can see, I’m not wearing any makeup. And yes, I have a pimple. Meet Bob. I popped him this morning, so hopefully he will go away soon. And you can also see that I have different colors in my skin tone, which is totally normal.

No one has a completely perfectly colored face. If they do, kudos to you. That’s amazing. But for normal people, it’s totally natural to have different colors. Personally for me, I don’t like wearing super heavy foundation. So I usually in the morning put on my medium BB cream at the same time as my Cetaphil lotion. So I like to mix them together because putting your foundation or BB cream on with your lotion helps it go on a little bit smoother, and also helps moisturize your face at the same time.

So I’m going to go ahead and do that. As you can see, you can hardly tell that I put anything on. It just smooths out my skin color. It’s just a little bit more. And then a specific thing to remember is when you’re putting on foundation to always use the forefinger underneath your eyes, because you really want to be gentle in that area of your face. So the next step I’m going to do is take my color corrector– which I’ve been switching back and forth between two. I have my Bobbi Brown. Let me look at the color. It’s called Extra Light Bisque. Oh, Bisque. And then I’ve got my L’Oreal True Match. Let’s see. Fair/Light and one, two, three. I think that’s the color. I’ve been mixing back and forth between these two, so I’m going to use the crayon today instead of the Bobbi Brown lotion. So I’m going to take my crayon, and I’m just going to dab the color onto any red spots on my face. So I’m rubbing my forefinger on here because I don’t like rubbing the actual thing on my face. But that’s just a personal preference.

So you’re good to go. You can use a brush when putting on your color corrector if you want to, but I just like using my finger because that works too. And so the next step that I usually do is I wet down my Beauty Blender, and wetting it down is very important because that’s how you’re supposed to use it. I’m going to go ahead and blend it all together, but an important thing to remember is always to blend upward. You don’t want to drag down on your face. And most of the time I would pat instead of pull, because you don’t want wrinkles and old looking skin.

You want to pat. Like a cool kid. Anyways. So I’m going to go ahead and do that. Typically by now your face is mostly one color, but I can see looking at myself in the mirror that my cheeks are just super rosy today. I’m feeling the light from the lights and I’m just kind of hot, so they’re a little bit rosy.

But I’m going to go ahead and apply my blush anyways to show you all what I do. So I have here my Bobbi Brown Blush. And it’s called Pale Pink. And I swear, this color works on any color of skin. I’m serious. I’m going to go ahead and apply my blush on the apples of my cheeks. And the way you can find those is by smiling. And they’re these things. They’re like the chub right here. So I’m going to go ahead and take my blush and apply it on the apples of my cheeks. The next thing I do is apply my powder to set my makeup and then get rid of any shine that I have. And I use this Revlon Photo Ready. I don’t know if the light’s reflecting or not. There we go. And I’ve been through a ton of different kinds of powders.

Some expensive ones, some not. And this one works great. And so I’m going to go ahead and apply this. After I finish putting on my powder, I usually move on to doing my eyebrows. Now I didn’t used to do eyebrows, and it freaked me out at first when I started filling them in, just the tiny, tiniest bit, because they feel really dark when you first do it. But it helps a lot with defining your face. And so I just started doing just barely the ends. I don’t want to do it all the way until I’m a little bit older.

But I’m going to show you what I do. So I take my spooly, and I am going to go ahead and brush my eyebrows. Always upwards. You don’t eyebrows like this. So cute. Yes. No, we want to go upwards with our brush. There we go. And then I’m just going to take my angled brush right here. And I use– hang on. I should probably show you this, shouldn’t I? I use the Physician’s Formula Palette, and I’m going to be using the dark brown, which is what matches my eyebrows. And then I just take my angled brush and fill in the ends of my eyebrows. No two eyebrows are exactly the same. I once had a makeup artist tell me that eyebrows are not twins, but sisters. So you always have one that you prefer over the other. For instance, I like my right eyebrow better than my left.

And you all might be different, but that’s my preference. And so just letting you know that no two eyebrows will be exactly the same. Now personally, I don’t typically put on eyeshadow for a daily thing, because I touch my eyes way too much during the day. It’s not one of my favorite things to put on. Eyeliner is really hard to learn how to do, and eyeshadow has tons of different tricks. But if I were going to a performance or dance, I would wear eyeshadow. Because this is a daily thing, I’m not going to be putting on any eyeshadow. Instead, I’m going to show you how to do the mascara. Now I have tons of people asking me what kind of mascara we use. So the first one that I put on is called Almay, and it’s for thickening. And then the next thing I use is the silver Physician’s Formula. And I’m sure you all have seen this before.

It’s kind of like a leaf thing. It’s from Target. It’s pretty cool, if you ask me. Anyways, I’m going to go ahead and apply that. So the first one is Almay. So for me it’s easier to blink when I put my mascara on, rather than like this and trying to brush it on, because it just pulls the mascara through your eyelashes better when you blink, I feel like. So I usually blink when I put on my mascara. So usually when I’m putting on mascara, I wait for the second coat to put it on my bottom lashes. Some people don’t put it on at all, but I just only do the second coat.

And also when I put on my Almay, I go on the top, too. So I’ll show you what I do. I go like this and brush downwards. And that just helps length out your eyelashes a little bit more. And we’re going to go up again. Now I’m going to go ahead and put on my second layer of mascara. And I just remembered. I forgot to mention this before. Sorry. I don’t usually prefer to curl my eyelashes, because my eyelashes are naturally curly. But if you do that, insert that step right before you put on your mascara. So curl your eyelashes before you put on the mascara.

Anyways, moving on. Going to put on my second layer of mascara. Now as you can see, I have a little bit of mascara on my eyelids, so I’m going to go ahead and take one of my makeup brushes and some makeup remover and get that off my eyelid. So one of the tricks I’ve learned in the few years I’ve been wearing makeup is, that if you want your eyes to pop, I put white in the corner of my eyes. So I’m going to go ahead and use the same shadow palette as I did before. And I’m just going to put some white in the corner of my eyes, and then underneath the arch of my eyebrow as well. This is the only kind of eyeshadow I wear during the day. The last step is adding some lip gloss.

And this is some lip gloss that I’ve got from Bath & Body. They have a whole bunch there if you want to go pick some out. So I’m going to go ahead and add this. And there you have it. My daily makeup routine. Thank you guys so much for watching. Give this video a thumbs up. Our goal is 50,000. Just push the button. Push the button. You know you want to push the button and get us to 50,000 likes. Yes? Yes. Also don’t forget to leave a comment below on what your favorite makeup thing– wait, what are the words? Speak. Language. English. Comment below with your favorite makeup product. There we go. Favorite makeup product is, and where you get it, so I can know this.

Wow. This is a failure. Trying again. Don’t forget to leave a comment below on your favorite makeup product, and also don’t forget to mention where it’s from so I can go check some of them out. And we’ll see you guys next week. Bye. Look at this sadness. I have a very special thing I have to show you. The one pencil I have left. This is the one I found on the floor in Spanish. So you want to do it on the Adam’s apples so you always smile. At least that’s what I do. I smile. [LAUGHTER] Wait, wait, wait, wait”